Entrepreneurial History

Entrepreneurial History

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Entrepreneurial History
Dedication and rewards are the responsibility of the people's representatives
      As a successful private entrepreneur, he has stood on the cusp of entrepreneurship time and time again, but he has never forgotten that he is the son of a farmer, that success comes from the support of the society, and that he has never forgotten the word "return". As a representative of the National People's Congress, he kept in mind the sacred duties entrusted by the people, acted as the spokesperson of the people with his justice and sincerity, and repaid the land that gave birth to him with practical actions.

  He is Ni Yongxing, the general manager of Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhongtai Industrial Co., Ltd. and the representative of the 14th National People's Congress of Xiaoshan District.

Dedication articles: the hard work is still strong, the east and the west are winds

   Like most entrepreneurs of the same age, Ni Yongxing put in more diligence and hard work than ordinary people in the early days of starting a business. Today, he is most proud of: Hangzhou Zhongtai Industrial Co., Ltd. has grown from a town-run collective enterprise on the verge of bankruptcy to a top 100 enterprise in Xiaoshan District, from an enterprise with less than 100 employees to a large enterprise with more than 2,000 employees today. From a small factory with an annual sales output value of less than 10 million yuan to a large taxpayer in Xiaoshan District, in 2008, it achieved sales revenue of 450 million yuan and tax profits of 60 million yuan... These changes are not made overnight, but all Chinese and Thai people It is a result of more than 10 years of hard work.

   However, it is difficult to start a business, and it is even more difficult to maintain a career. Since 2007, almost all export companies have encountered wave after wave of "cold current". The adjustment of export tax rebate policy, the appreciation of RMB and rising prices have all brought tremendous pressure to the company. In the face of pressure, Ni Yongxing was calm and steady. In his words, this is called "the sand is like gold in the waves." In order to make this gold, he actively responded to the market economy storms, strategized, steered the helm, and set sail. With the courage of Superman and the ability to control the market, in 2007, the company invested 10 million yuan to introduce 3 aluminum chassis production lines, thus realizing the transformation from producing iron chassis to producing aluminum chassis, improving product stability and strengthening Beautiful, the price of the chassis has been increased from 30 yuan to 100 yuan. In Zhongtai, product transformation is not empty talk. In a few years, it has developed electrical accessories, swivel chair chassis and other products, which are exported to more than 30 countries and regions, becoming the largest manufacturer of swivel chair chassis in Asia. Three more products passed the provincial new product appraisal, and the company was named a small and medium-sized technology enterprise by the Provincial Science and Technology Bureau.

Reward: A family with one another, helping the poor and making contributions to poverty alleviation

The development and growth of the enterprise has created substantial economic benefits. At the same time, a strong sense of social responsibility overwhelmed Ni Yongxing's heart. He believes that companies cannot patronize and make money. The money they make comes from society. At the right time, companies should return to society. This is the responsibility of an enterprise, and it is also the responsibility of a corporate representative. Uphold this firm belief, so there is:

  In the activities of the district government to help poor villages, help the underdeveloped village of the town, Hexi Village, contributed 200,000 yuan;
  The district government invested 120,000 yuan in the “Thousands of Enterprises, Hundreds of Villages, and Building a New Countryside” activity;
   On the occasion of the establishment of the Yiqiao Branch of the Xiaoshan District Charity Federation, the Sino-Thai Charity Naming Fund was 5 million yuan, with an annual investment of 300,000 yuan;
   In June 2008, Yiqiao Experimental School donated 128,000 yuan for its centennial anniversary;
   More than one hundred copies of "Xiaoshan Daily" are subscribed every year, and they are given to retired teachers in the town;
   The "China-Thai Cup" migrant youth singing competition in Yiqiao Town was held for the second consecutive year, with an investment of about 100,000 yuan;

   Behind this series of figures is the sincerity and desire of the Chinese and Thai people to repay the society and the determination to unite with the people. It is also the love and kindness of Ni Yongxing to the society. As a representative of the National People's Congress, he regards the difficulties of the people around him as his own. Usually, as long as someone reaches out to him for support, he always promises with great pride and will never disappoint the seeker. On holidays, he was busy visiting the needy families. So far, there are more than a dozen "nominated employees" in the company. They are a group of disabled people. Over the years, they have become a special group that "does not have to go to work but can receive wages on time".
In Zhongtai Industrial, Ni Yongxing is the boss of the company, but to the employees, he is more like an elder who cares about and takes care of them. In the economic downturn and the society was full of "layoffs", Ni Yongxing's sonorous voice of "no layoffs, no pay cuts" gave all employees a reassurance. In order to let the employees eat well, he actively improves the food for the employees, and only symbolically collects one yuan as the food expenses; in order to enrich the spare time of the employees, he organizes various cultural and sports activities to gather people's hearts; in order to adjust the mentality of the employees, every year he The staff will be organized to travel, so that they can feel the warmth of home in the enterprise. Nowadays, whether in the countryside or in the enterprise, when talking about Mr. Ni, everyone will give a thumbs up and sincerely praise him.

Representative article: Running and expressing the feelings of the people, remembering social responsibility

Since 2007, Ni Yongxing has been elected as the representative of the 14th District People's Congress. From then on, the words "Deputy to the People's Congress" have been deeply imprinted in his heart.

   As the name suggests, deputies to the National People's Congress are representatives of the people. They must reflect problems on behalf of the people and act as spokespersons for the people. In the year he was elected, Ni Yongxing put forward the proposal of "speeding up the construction of sewage pipe network in southern areas". This motion is a major issue related to the lives of the people in the southern region, ecological environment protection, and economic development. Indeed, with the development of the economy, the continuous improvement of residents' living standards, and the rapid rise of the tertiary industry, various types of sewage are inevitably produced. In the southern area, a complete drainage system has not yet been built. A large amount of sewage is mainly discharged from sewers and ditches or directly discharged into ponds, rivers, etc., which has severely affected people's lives. Once this motion was put forward, it was immediately listed as one of the ten practical things by the district government and was included in the supervision. However, one year later, due to various reasons such as the cost of the project, the project was first reviewed and re-examined, and it was put on hold again and again. At this time, Ni Yongxing could not sit still. Deputies to the National People's Congress are the spokespersons of the people. Therefore, he contacted various parties to understand the situation, and repeatedly asked the district government to speed up the construction of the southern sewage pipe network in the name of the representative of the National People's Congress. Finally, the effort paid off. Two years later, after scientific and careful planning, the project finally officially started construction. It is estimated that by 2012, the sewage pipe network project in the southern area will be completed. By then, the southern area and even the entire district will form a sewage collection pattern of one town, one main pipe and one pumping station, which will realize the collection and centralized treatment of sewage, which will bring our district's emission reduction work to a new level.
A motion has finally gotten a little eyebrow, but the footsteps of being a NPC deputies have never stopped. "Recommendations on the effective treatment of industrial solid waste", "Recommendations on the restoration and rectification of closed mines", "Recommendations on accelerating the construction of the second bridge of Yiqiao"... In the past few years, Ni Yongxing has led and participated in the submission of 20 Many motions and suggestions have mostly attracted the attention of the district government and relevant departments, and some have been resolved or are in the process of being resolved. These proposals and suggestions are not only based on Ni Yongxing's personal insights, but also because he went to the villages to stay in line with the households, and the frontline chatter of the enterprises. During the visits and conversations, he kept learning about the people’s thoughts and requirements, collecting and sorting out their opinions and suggestions. In the jokes, he got closer to the people’s hearts. In his words, now he is back again, back to the masses of the people.

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