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(good works, xiao ran) zhongtai industrial co., LTD

(good works, xiao ran) zhongtai industrial co., LTD

Hangzhou zhongtai industrial group co., LTD. Is a private enterprise specializing in the research and development of metal products such as trays, five star feet, washing machine accessories, lamp fittings and other metal products. At the beginning of the start-up, ni yongxing, the chief executive of the company, paid more diligence and hard work than ordinary people. Today, let he the most proud of is that the company from a small enterprise of small enterprise development become area, from millions of sales value is less than a year in the small factory developed into a large taxpayer... These changes are not made overnight. He has been engaged in the management of hardware business and foreign trade for a long time, so that ni yongxing has a strong sense of competition, strategic mind and pioneering ability. In 1995, he won foreign orders by fighting hard and relying on integrity. In early 1997, he moved his factory to the main thoroughfare of yiqiao. In 1998, he did not lose the opportunity to put forward the enterprise development strategy of "the mud and legs go through the world" and the enterprise development strategy of the "big foot board". He resolutely worked with the foreign joint venture to develop the swivel chair chassis, and the products were well sold at home and abroad. Enterprises are growing and growing, and the responsibility and obligation of society should always remind the entrepreneur. Enterprise is unable to visit, he thought, to make money, money was made by the enterprise from the society, at the appropriate time, the enterprise should return to society, it is the responsibility of an enterprise, is a enterprise is the responsibility of people's congress. With the firm faith, so there will be a: area charity federation yiqiao branch was set up, China and Thailand charity named fund set up capital of 5 million yuan, 300000 yuan a year, to help impoverished family, and the needy; A pair of undeveloped villages with a contribution of 200,000 yuan for village construction; For the centennial celebration of yiqiao experimental school, we donated 128,000 yuan for the annual collection of more than 100 copies of xiaoshan daily by the retired teachers of yiqiao town... Moreover, led by hangzhou zhongtai industrial group co., LTD. Set up, and get the donor enthusiasts from all walks of life set up yiqiao town zhongtai education award fund was established in January 2016. The fund is donated by hangzhou zhongtai industrial group co., LTD. To donate RMB 500,000 yuan and donations from various sectors of society each year to support the education cause of yiqiao and promote the long-term development of the school. This education fund will not only reward outstanding students, but also develop outstanding students. Funding is hardworking students, poor families, seriously ill, also rewards in the work of teaching team and the teachers have made remarkable achievements, set up the teacher class award of honor, annual bonuses for province, city, district, township and above excellent backbone teachers; To set up a teaching quality award for teachers, and to reward the school team and teachers with excellent teaching quality every year; School management awards are set up to reward management teams that manage innovation and outstanding performance every year. Behind the series of Numbers, it is the determination of the Chinese and Thai people to give back to the society, and the determination of the people and the people to join with the people, and ni yongxing's love and kindness to the society. As a representative of the people's congress, he took the difficulties of the people around him as his own difficulties. In ordinary times, as long as someone has difficulties to turn to him, he always promises to let the recipient warm. In zhongtai industrial, ni yongxing is the head of the enterprise, but to the staff, he is more like a care for their elders. In the economic downturn, ni yongxing "no layoffs, no pay cuts" clanging sound, the whole staff to eat the heart pills. In order to enrich the amateur life of the workers, he organized various kinds of sports and activities, and gathered people's hearts. In order to adjust the worker's work pressure, every year he will organize the staff to go out to travel, let the worker in the enterprise feel home general warmth. Now, whether in the countryside or in the enterprise, speaking of ni yongxing, everyone will give a thumbs-up and genuinely boast about it.
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